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Calle San Juan #1570
Ciudad Granja
Zapopan, Jalisco 4501
Tel.: 01-33-31211064
Tel.: 01-33-41708417

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United States
13120 Spivey Dr. Suite B
Laredo, TX 78045

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Why Space Logistics is the best choice to be our ransportista and provider of logistics services?

  • First, Space Logistics is a company that provides personalized service, you are not a number to us. You are a customer, a person and a company and we want to make sure you smile with our service. We strive to develop a lasting business relationship. Your satisfaction is our goal.

  • Second, we care about doing things the right way. We are a team dedicated to optimizing any cost of transportation, maintaining an effective customer service in a friendly and cordial atmosphere. Our creativity allows us to be generators of our own technology to provide more cost competitive in the industry, while personalized service.

  • The third reason is because we are not as big as competition, but that is precisely what gives us a big advantage. We are flexible enough to adapt to their ever-changing needs. Whether you need a platform in a remote location in Washington State, or you organize, on Sunday, the gathering of different providers in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, we will do it for you when you need it.

  • The fourth reason is because we will be your guide throughout the process. If boarding for the first time, we will provide personalized attention and advice. For us, big or small clients are equally important. We strive to meet equally to customers new and old.

  • Finally, the advantage of being our customer is that thanks to our creativity that works, is renewed, in order to provide new services, develop more suitable options, provide more economical options for transporting their products, always in the way more optimal and rapid.

Customers Satisfied Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers, without explicitly asking have sent their comments.

Shipments type:

Space Logistics provides transportation services for industrial, and commercial products for sale to the public. We consolidators (This means that we consolidate in a truck several small shipments from different shipper), and also provide services for shipments holding a truck full (Which means that the truck was loaded with full at the source, and the merchandise is completely discharged at the final destination). This means that we have different patterns of operation, prices and terms for Consolidated Freight Trucks or Full. Please consider the following alternatives:

Consolidated Freight

Regular: We have three options for boarding:

  1. PALETIZED: If you embarks dais from 1 ¼ to cash, the products will be required to travel Paletizado (dais). We provide the platforms in our cellars of Laredo, Texas, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Or he can deliver the goods and palletizing.
  2. BULK: This service is offered solely to ¼, ½ and ¾ cash. In the case of cash ¼ probably require palletizing where the goods have to be transshipped at some point the way. ½ and ¾ cash will be sent directly (no transfers).
  3. PACKAGES: only for shipments with a maximum of 4 packages. If there are additional packages, require that the product be palletizing. This is required to minimize any damage and avoid any missing.

Messaging:This service is offered for international shipments only. This service allows the sending of boxes without Palletizing. Reduces the minimum cost of shipping by dais, if the merchandise is less than one platform. Basically we put the product in our trucks, cross the border and sent via courier, such as UPS or Fedex in the United States and Estafeta Multipack or in Mexico. Any liability for damages and claims fall directly on the shipper or the courier company that has been used.

Deliveries Residential: We are not a moving company, therefore our general services do not include service removal or storage. Our service ends when the truck was placed at the door of his house. You, as the consignee is responsible for the unloading of the product, desempacarlo and enter their facilities, just as you are responsible for disposing of the packing material. Keep in mind that the Residential Delivery generate additional charges because, we need special trucks, in addition to involving a special access to residential areas. If you do not have the ability to download platforms, we can deliver the service Crane for an additional charge. Also, if you need a service of moving towards international request special tariff removals and / or quotation special move.

Tracking: A number Monitoring (BOL) will be provided, and it is the unique number for tracking the shipment from origin to destination. You can track their shipment by calling us at 1-800-559-2923 during office hours, you can also send a fax to 1-800-621-0353 or send an e-mail to the following address: You can also go to our website and see our section crawl. For international shipments, we use an agent cartage (local or regional carrier) for the last phase of shipment and delivery. In the United States, the regional companies will use a number known as PRO for tracking purposes. This number will be provided, as is the contact information for the company's local transportation (cartage agent), so that you can contact them directly and to define the final details required for delivery.

Transit Time: Keep in mind that our rates for Consolidated Freight not guarantee a delivery time. Sometimes we may incur some kind of delay, because the rates we use with our partners carriers are not guaranteed. If you need a guaranteed delivery, please check and confirm the rate before requesting a pickup. If it's any need to rush shipment (Priority Boarding), you can contact us for help, we will do our utmost to monitor the transit time and expedite the shipment to come quickly, in any way, this does not mean that ensures surrender to a particular date.

Complete Fund

We have two types of services for complete boxes:

  • Direct without Transshipment: We put the truck at the origin. This box will be the same that will reach the final destination. If international shipments only be changed by the tractor but not the box that transports the goods.
  • Transshipment: The goods are transferred from one box to another at the border. This gives us an opportunity to optimize our resources and thus reduce the total cost of transportation. You can get better rates, however, not all merchandise is subject to this movement. Please consult us before requesting a quote.
  • Comment: It is important to establish a list of priorities for shipment as follows:

    • Price
    • Transit Times
    • Limitations of manoeuvring

These three factors will determine the method of transport suitable for their needs. For example, if your product is not required on an urgent basis and there are few limitations maneuvering or handling (this means it can be transferred at the border) then you can get the most optimal cost. It is important to determine what position is in relation to these three factors in order to determine a fee in accordance with their needs.

Transit Time: Usually transit time is short to complete boxes, but there is the possibility of reducing it further. The Act in the United States provides that a driver may not drive more than 10 consecutive hours. However, there is the possibility of lowering the maximum delivery time recruiting service operator double (An additional charge in this case).

Payment: Each shipment must be paid before being delivered to its final destination. If the customer has credit line, the goods will be released automatically. In case you do not have credit line, boarding must be paid before being released for delivery at the final destination.


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